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www.tvgn.net is an international channel of television on the internet, especially for broad band users; which could also be received via satellite with a digital parabolic antenna.

Our studios are located on the fourth and fifth floors of this building,in the center of the city of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, a city of over one million residents.

The building belongs to a missionary colleague, who is cooperating with us in this project.

We began to prepare the TV studio on the fifth floor.

The installation went fast.

The curtains keep out the external light and sound, but can be opened for ventilation.

Building studio furniture.

It looks like we are ready to record.

Are we ready? The center of the city is very noisy, so we still need adequate soundproofing.

Athough our studio is not completely ready, we have already begun broadcasting two hours a day. You can watch us at www.tvgn.net.

Our next step is to begin a Digital Radio Station which can be accessed worldwide via the internet. It will allow you to transmit your own programs on our station, even if you are in another country. All you need is a computer, the right software and a high speed internet connection.

Jean and Darrel Haworth





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