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December 18, 2006

Brazil really looked good.  We were home after being gone for two months.  

Iguape, our beach congregation was experiencing a leadership transition.  Our two preachers, because of work restrictions, could not fulfill their responsibilities.  But, God is faithful and brought a deacon from another part of the state to play his guitar and lead the music.  

Magnum shaking hands  

Then, a deacon from our mother church, a career military man and a Bible School graduate, said,”I trained to go out and help start churches and I want to work in Iguape.”  So, Magnum will be Darrel’s chief assistant pastor.  

Pray for Uniao (Union Baptist Congregation).  We are kind of divided.  Samuel, Darrel’s assistant pastor, has graduated and moved to another state.  Two of our men want a seminary student that preaches as well as Samuel did at the end of his four years.  Darrel wants to pick a less experienced student and develop him.  Some agree and some don’t.  Pray that we will all recognize God’s man for the job.  

Our teacher’s college is in the planning stage.  Pray for us as we set up the curriculum of what we would like to teach.  This is to be submitted to the Ministry of Education.  Also we are researching university library bibliographies to find out what books we will need to buy.  You can help us by giving toward the purchase of one or more books at $25.00 per book.  

We have a new web site address.   www.haworthministries.net   It is no longer  .org.  Please check it out.  We have added more material.  

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying.  Thank you for your gifts.

Have a wonderful Christmas.  

Darrel and Jean


November 20, 2006  

At the moment we are in Durham, North Carolina, playing with our grandchildren, Lucas and Caleb; and getting ready for a family Thanksgiving. 

Darrel’s mother with our daughter Joy and our son Jonathan

Darrel’s mother, Elizabeth Haworth was 92 on October 12th.  Our visit to the States began with her birthday celebration.  Then she started going down physically and we wondered if the Lord had brought us home for her funeral.  However, after two trips to the hospital, an angioplasty and a stint in a branch of  the coronary artery that was 98% blocked, she came home with a new lease on life.  

Baptism at Union Baptist  

In October our Uniao (Union) Congregation baptized eight believers.  Samuel, Darrel’s co-pastor will be graduating from Bible College on December 1st.  We plan to be there.  He has accepted a call to pastor a congregation in Sao Luiz, Maranhao.  

Our next big project is the library for the teacher’s college.  We need 4000 books with at least 1000 purchased new.  The average price is $25.00 per volume. 

  After Darrel’s mother came home from the hospital she gave Darrel his birthday present…a check for $25.00…and said, “This is to buy the first book.”  A look at our mission financial statement shows that others have already sent much larger gifts.  Thank you

We would like to invite you to be a sponsor of our teacher’s college library by donating towards the purchase of one or more of the books.  

Your gift can be sent to Baptist Mid-Missions, P.O. Box 308011, Cleveland, OH  44130-8011.  On a separate piece of paper note that it is for Darrel Haworth’s account, Crato Teacher’s College.  You can also donate online,  www.bmm.org  and follow instructions for giving.  

Thank you so much for praying for us.  

Darrel and Jean


September 27, 2006

“O, sing we all with joy

         On this great and festive day.

See! See!  What the King of kings has done! " 

Franzé led the guests in singing as Darrel and eight new believers went down the steps into the pool.  It was a celebration…the first baptism of our congregation in Iguape, which was to organize later that evening with 15 members!


People began arriving in the afternoon.  One family came from Juazeiro, several from Fortaleza, from Aquiraz; and our colleagues, Bill and Dorothy Kettlewell, from Aracati.  The sun went down at 6:00 p.m. as always and the sea breeze became cooler. 

After a delicious dinner of oriental chicken on rice, two salads, and "cafezinho", everyone gathered near the pool to watch as the excited candidates gave public testimony to their trust in Christ alone for Salvation.  Curiously watching were unsaved family members, neighbors, two brothers from the construction store where Darrel buys building materials, a lady who lives by the “big ear.” (public telephone) 

Have you ever attended a conference in a nice hotel?  The majority of those baptized accepted Christ as a result of a Christian Conference held in the hotel where they work.  One lady, the manager, was baptized along with her three teen age children!  She was so happy she did not notice the cool breeze, the cooler water! 

After the baptismal, we all picked up our chairs and walked the short distance to our newly remodeled church.

 As we were preparing the people for membership we were also getting our old dance hall; then beach house, and now church remodeled by changing some rotten wood and broken tiles in the roof, taking out partitions, a bathroom, and putting down clay tiles in their place.  With a final paint job of the beams and walls we were ready. 

Now, more people are waiting to be baptized or to join by transfer.

Thank you for your prayers,

Darrel & Jean

September 7, 2006

Dear Praying Friends,

Everyone likes a parade! Our school children were all dressed up representing life in Brazil, for Independence Day, September 7th. On a horse rode Dom Pedro I, who instead of returning to Portugal to assume the throne, declared Independence for Brazil,

It was quite a show with everyone marching, from the three year olds up to the second graders. We were impressed and pleased with the effort and creativity that our staff had put into this parade. To see the parade, go to our web site: www.haworthministries.org and click on "Schools".

Jean is celebrating, too. She has finished all her medical exams and the oncologist told her that everything looks good. She is to return in January, 2007.

The construction continues with the roofing of our fourth building. This is to house our teachers' college so that we can train teachers for our Christian Day schools. This week we initiated the process that hopefully within a year will allow us to begin classes and eventually be accredited.

This project will cost a minimum of $60,000.00 (dollars). To date we have received $26,500.00 (dollars) This should take care of the legal work up to the opening of classes. Now we need to equip a library. If you would like to buy a book let us know. We need 4000 books with 1000 of them on Education, in Portuguese. Many books can be donated but some will have to be purchased.

Please pray with us for our school and college.

We've had some time to add more material on our web site. Check it out. www.haworthministries.org

Thank you for praying!

Darrel & Jean


August 13, 2006

Dear Praying Friends,

A delayed flight out of Chicago made us late for our international connection in Miami. The other passengers cheered as we hurried onto the plane. They had been waiting. We made it but our baggage did not, giving us an unencumbered all-day-layover in São Paulo. We grabbed a bus to Campinas (1 1/2) hours, changed money, had lunch with Tony and Monica (our colleagues in TVGN), and took the bus back to the airport in plenty of time to catch our flight to Fortaleza. The next day our bags arrived. God had "stored" them for us.

Our first week-end back in Brazil. Thursday and Friday were spent negotiating the purchase of the house in Iguape. The deal was closed at 6:00 p.m.on Friday, June 30th. Only five of us knew.

The small house is for sale for $6000.00.  We would like to buy it and tear it down.

Saturday evening the Iguape group met on the veranda of the beach house as usual. There were 39 present. Darrel began his message telling how Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem and went at night to look at the fallen walls. "Now, come look at the walls with me. Bring your chairs. No one knew where we were going as we followed out the gate, down the sandy street, turned the corner onto the cobblestone street, passed 4 houses, entered a gate into a long dark driveway, went down 4 steps and into the building. Everyone filed in and sat around the room.

"Look around. What do you think? You are looking at our church. It's ours!" They were thrilled. Some shouted, some laughed and some cried. The meeting became a spontaneous thanksgiving service. They had been praying daily for a "place." When the beach house was rented there was no where to meet.

Sunday evening we had a Bible study around the table at the beach house. Five women came with their children. One young man walked in late. Dona Marleda introduced him, "This is my oldest son, Marlon. He has not accepted Christ as Savior, yet. He sat down next to Darrel. At the end of the study Darrel had us turn to John 3. He asked Marlon to read several verses. Then he asked him to read John 1:12. "What do you think? Are you ready to trust in Christ?"

Marlon thought for a minute before answering, "Yes. I'm ready." We prayed right there. What a nice way to end a fantastic week-end!

In Juazeiro do Norte, the primary school at Esperança Baptist Church re-opened after "winter" vacation with 74 students. As the school grows, and other Christian schools are opening in the area, we are faced with a serious problem. Where can we find prepared Christian teachers? teachers who are not humanistic in philosophy? teachers who believe in Creation? Pray for our plans to start a teacher's college.

In our last update we asked for used violins for the primary school students - to begin a music program. We returned with three violins. Thank you.

União Baptist Church is growing. The members are reaching out to family and friends, praying for their salvation. There are several new faces. Dona Maria told me that she has recently trusted in Christ as her Savior. She realizes that He is the only way of Salvation. She is Dalilah's mother. Some of you "met" Dalilah, through our power point presentation. She was saved from an immoral life style a year ago.

The literacy classes are bumping along with few students. Learning to read is hard work and most have dropped out.

You will notice a new e-mail address: darrelhaworth@oi.com.br

The Mindspring address will still reach us. darrelhaworth@mindspring.com

We have been without internet and without e-mail since our return to Brazil. It took awhile to resolve, but seems to be functioning now.

Thank you for praying.

God bless you,

Darrel & Jean


May 2, 2006

Dear Praying Friends,

We arrived in Phoenix for our niece’s wedding on April 1st. The family was all there including our grandkids. It was one whole week of visiting and partying.

We reported to churches in Phoenix and El Paso, as well as spending time with Darrel’s 91 year old mother who lives by herself and drives her own car. She is always an encouragement to us.

In California, we were with Jean’s brothers. One sister-in-law, Carol, is battling ovarian cancer. Please pray for her and her family.

We want to start a string class at Esperanca school and have received two violins so far. If you would like to donate a violin, viola or cello please let us know. We can also buy them in Brazil if you would like to purchase one for $150.00.

In looking for ways to serve the community, Uniao Baptist Church has started a literacy class to teach reading to anyone that wants to learn. They have 17 attending. Most of them are not believers.

Our Iguape work has around 30 attending the weekly Saturday night meetings and two churches have used the beach house for retreats this month.

We have been offered this 4000 square foot house, just a block and a half from the beach house, for $17,000 dollars. It is a former dance hall and the top floor would make a nice size auditorium. I told them I did not have any money but if the Lord supplied, I was interested.

We have received 4 laptop computers so far for use in Brazil. If you have one to donate let us know…Pentium 2 or newer.

Higher education has become the objective of many Brazilians, so many that the State and Federal systems cannot meet the demand; and private colleges are starting up all over the country. We have plans to start a teachers’ college to provide teachers for our church schools. Watch for more details in our next update.

This month we are in Anchorage, Alaska, visiting friends and supporting churches.

Darrel & Jean


March 23, 2006

Dear Praying Friends,

The last days of February were spent at our Carnival Conference Retreat. Our missionary colleague, Randy Pollard, gave several presentations on Creation. They were very well received. The technical material went right over the heads of some of our adults but not their kids.

After the talks on fossils, Randy and the kids went through our rock pile finding several little fish fossils! This was our third Carnival Retreat at Esperança and the biggest yet.

Next we started our count down to leave Juazeiro for the USA. This involved buying 100 sacks of cement, steel, sand, rock and four truck loads of sand stone for the side walks... enough material for four months of construction while we are gone.

We finished remodeling a room and installing a sound studio for a young man to practice on and learn to operate while we are gone. Another young man, a seminary student is to film and produce a weekly Sunday deaf service for our internet TV.

Our maid is to finish the eighth grade and maintain a daily 9:00 A.M. prayer hour at the União Congregation. And there were still others with their assignments.

March 16th we left it all in the Lord's hands and drove to Fortaleza. There we worked with the bookkeeper writing check after check after check to pay the taxes and for him to take to Juazeiro to pay those workers laid off. With the business taken care of we concentrated on Iguape for the week end and four months of absence. We again left checks to cover expenses and found a couple to help in the congregation that meets there. 

We knew Flavio and Rosangela as seminary students. They are now managing an orphanage close by and are interested and eager to help us in this new work. What an example of the Lord's provision. They will join Francisco José in evangelization and preaching in our Saturday night services.

March 20th we flew out of Fortaleza for São Paulo and a few days of working on our website, our web TV, preparing for our visit in the States, and of course writing more checks, dollar checks.

March 30th we will arrive in Phoenix for our niece's wedding.

Please pray with us for all those who will be holding the fort.

Darrel and Jean


February 24, 2006

Dear Praying Friends,

This past week-end we made an unexpected trip to Iguape and the beach house. Saturday we visited various people in the town, inviting them to a service that evening...at 7:00 p.m.

Six of us sat on the veranda and waited. Seven o'clock came and went. We were all feeling a bit down. Darrel suggested we pray for those we invited. As we bowed our heads, the first carload arrived. By 8:00 there were 44 people! We had a good service.

After it was all over and they had gone home, we were overwhelmed with the joy and thrill of starting a new work. It's an emotional experience akin to leading somebody to Christ. There were Christians who had moved to Iguape and had no church.  There were unbelievers who need to hear about Christ. Most of them stayed around and talked  afterwards.  Bible studies will be held every Saturday.

Carnaval week-end begins Saturday, February 25th.  This is the Brazilian version of Mardi Gras...the big blow out before Lent.  It ends with Ash Wednesday.  Believers want to keep their young people off the streets so most of the churches have retreats. 

Our retreat will be at Esperanca Baptist Church.  Missionary colleague, Randy Pollard, is going to give a series of power point presentations on Creation vs. Evolution.   This is a little taught subject in our area.  All the local educational institutions teach Evolution as a proven fact.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in the ministry, for your faithfulness in financial support and for praying!  We appreciate each of you and we rejoice that we are being remembered in prayer.

Thank you,

God bless you,

Darrel and Jean


February 14, 2006

Dear Prayer Partners,

Euzimarques, our camp director, got married January 28th. Since his wedding was on the way to the beach (Iguape) we offered to take him and his bride with us for their honeymoon. It was all a joke but he took us up on it.

The week in Iguape was very profitable. One church sent an evangelistic team to pass out tracts and sign people up for home Bible studies. Zeneide, a recent graduate of the Seminary and missionary for Esperança Baptist Church was also with us. Even the honeymooners participated!

In a neighboring private primary school, we presented a Bible story, taught a verse and sang a chorus. At the end of the class we invited the children to our house on Saturday morning for a children's club. Ten came.

That night we had about 80 people for a service on the veranda. They came from the church that sent the evangelistic team, from an orphanage, from Iguape and several small towns that surround Iguape.

Nerinha owns a grocery store in Iguape. We went to buy some things for supper and found her reading a tract that Francisco Jose had given her, and her Bible. She read the tract to Darrel. "Does your life seem as void as that tract says?" he asked her.

"Yes." she answered. Between selling a pack of cigarettes to one customer, some eggs to another, a bottle of whiskey to another, she continued to read to Darrel. When she got to the end he asked her if she would like to accept Christ as her Savior.

"Yes, I would." She waited on two more customers. At the next lull she and Darrel prayed and she accepted Christ. She is our first convert in Iguape. Pray for her. She has not made it to a service because of the store. We left a Bible correspondence course with her. The next day when Darrel went in to pay the bill, she was working on it.

Our Brazilian helper, Francisco Jose, is going every week-end to conduct Bible studies.

Plans for a short trip to the USA include an April 1st wedding in Phoenix. Then we will visit family in El Paso and S. California, before going on to Alaska to visit churches. From there we will go to Nashville and Durham. There will be another family wedding in June. Because of Darrel's bad eyes we are not planning any cross country car trips. This means we will miss several of you. We are sorry.

Please pray for Darrel's eyes.

Thank you for your part!

Darrel and Jean



January 25, 2006

Dear Praying Friends,

The VW Van pulled up to the curb. The boys all crowded around and one spoke, "Hurray! We get to go to camp!"

His mother looked hurt, "Why are you so happy to go off and leave us? Won't you even miss us?"

"We eat at camp! Is there anything to eat at home?"

Since the camp is free, the meals are very simple but still a banquet for these kids. We also serve them lots of Bible stories, missionary stories, memory verses, sermons, videos, skits, sports and then help them drop exhausted into their hammocks.

It's boys one week and girls the next. There were six saved each week. The first time a child comes to camp he does not pay. After that he pays ($2.50) unless he brings a friend. The staff is made up of volunteers so our only expense is food. This is the third year and the team is getting pretty good. Next year they hope to raise money from local sources and in the future they won't even need us. How nice.

Thank you for praying for Jean. She has finished the radiation treatments and will see the oncologist in two weeks to discuss the next step.

Jean’s sister, Sarah, continues to improve slowly. She does have polycystic disease of the kidneys and the liver. She has returned to work for an hour or two a day. That is all she has been able to handle so far. Laboratory tests show she is improving.

This is rush week! Classes at the School at Esperanca Baptist Church are beginning on February 2nd. Darrel and the building crew are rushing to get the new classrooms ready. The teachers are rushing to prepare their materials and move into these new classrooms. It will be close but we'll make it.

New Classrooms

We're relying on a carpenter who has a drinking problem to finish our doors. Please pray for Jose, who would like to be a practicing Jehovah's Witness, but is not making it. We would like to see him accept Christ. We would also like to see him finish the doors for the classrooms!

It looks as though we will be having one pre-school class at Uniao Baptist Church. No one was interested until we lowered the monthly rates from $8.00 to $4.00 a month. In order to obtain this good rate, one of the parents must do the Bible correspondence courses offered by Source of Light. Please pray for enough students. We are looking for ways to serve the community, to open doors into the homes.

Would you like to earn a Bible? You must memorize the books of the Bible, complete one of the Source of Light courses, receive the diploma and memorize five Bible verses that explain the plan of Salvation. So far we have given out 12 Bibles but we have more if you are interested. Several of the neighborhood children around Uniao Baptist Church are working hard. At first they thought it impossible but the ladies of the church are helping them.

We need your prayers.

Darrel and Jean

P.S. We will be coming to the USA, April 1st for two family weddings. While there we will visit some of our churches, probably in Alaska. We need 40,000 air miles on American Airlines, or 60,000 miles on another. If you can donate these miles it would sure help us. Write to us on e-mail.



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