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We live in a little house which has a beautiful view of a shallow valley. The water box above the house holds our reserve supply as the city only sends water every other day.

Due to the warm climate year around, the veranda serves as our evening living room. Inside we have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room and a kitchen. The house is open so that as much air as possible can blow through. Some of the windows have no glass. The birds, cats and even rats come and go.

The wall along the back of our dining room is our Flintstone Aquarium, with fossils from the mountain behind us. The Santana region has one of the largest fossil beds in the world. Papito, our Amazon parrot hangs in the winter garden, and keeps us entertained as he greets visitors, "answers" the phone and begs for hot toast with butter when we are eating breakfast. He is 21 years old and we suspect that he is a she!

Our bedrooms are air conditioned and we sleep under a mosquito net. The cool air is wonderful for a siesta (swinging in the hammock) on a hot afternoon; and sometimes we even use it at night in order to sleep.

Our lot is 140 feet deep by 380 feet long. The big house houses our offices and "editing suite" on the lowest level, a sound/video studio on the middle level and an apartment for our secretary and her family on the upper level.

Brazilian men love to play soccer on Saturday afternoons. Our secretary´s husband, Waldenberk, has invited the men of Esperança and União Baptist Church to come, bringing unsaved friends, for an animated game followed by a short devotional.

Seminary students, Samuel and Julia, live in the far corner of our property with their two daughters. They all travel on one motorcycle. Samuel is the co-pastor at União Baptist Church.

The kids that live on our property play in our swimming pool, that used to be a cistern and still doubles as a baptistry.




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