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March 25, 2009


Dear Praying Friends.


Wow! What a birthday Party!  In Brazil, a baby`s first birthday might be the biggest one that he will ever have. All the family`s friends come to help c100_12800a.jpgelebrate.


 When we realized that our grandson, Ely Michael Haworth, was coming to Brazil for his first birthday we could not resist. We called in a Birthday Party specialist, chose a theme, enlisted our church people to help, invited all of our son Jonathan`s childhood friends; and had a birthday party that none of us will ever forget – except maybe Ely!


The next big event,  after  Jon, Lisa and Ely`s visit, was the completion of a video for teaching religion in the public schools.


We are very excited to have this video ready for use. Four years ago we taught one

8th grade class each week, using this material.  The next year our secretary taught seven

classes a week, using the same material. Last year a Bible College student used it.  Teachers saw what we were doing and asked for material for them to use. Religion is a required course in the public schools.  They have to teach it but have no idea what to do.  Sadly, we did not have the material put together so anyone else could use it.  Now we do.  One

teacher is already using the video.  The director of the school where we first taught has asked for a copy.


Prayer Request:

In our last letter we told you about children`s camp and the children who were saved.  When I told our congregation we needed to get our children`s work functioning, there were no

volunteers.  No Sunday School, no children`s club.  Zero.  So, I went to the Bible College for students.  Zero.  That leaves just one option.  Prayer.  Will you pray for us for leaders and workers for our children`s work?  You are a very important part of the ministry here!  We need you.


Darrel and Jean Haworth



November 10, 2008


Dear Praying Friends,




The time since our return in July has been spent in slow, but steady progress.  In September, we baptized  three adults  at  Igreja Batista União (Union Baptist Church) in Juazeiro.


The high point was our Children’s Day Program on Sunday, October 12.  In the morning we had a visiting seminary student who taught choruses and told a Bible story.  The adults were scattered among the children to help as needed.  The evening service was lead by two children, choruses were accompanied by three children playing the recorders (song flutes).   A  guest speaker, a Bible College student,  gave an illustrated message.  Everyone did very well.  There were several visitors.



Two mornings a week, we teach a combination of music and English in our Christian elementary school at Igreja Batista Esperanca (Hope Baptist Church).   At the same time we are training a music teacher.


In Iguape, the beach town, members have been bringing unsaved family and friends.  Several have accepted the Lord recently.  Two couples come from another village, Black Clay, located further down the beach.  This week-end we found a third couple,  also believers. We are trying to get them together, to organize, evangelize and to begin a children’s ministry.  One of our members provides a VW Van to bring the whole group to the Sunday evening services in Iguape. You can be praying with us about an outdoor service we are planning for November 29th, on the street in front of one of the believer’s homes.; and a week long Vacation Bible School at another home.  This is planned for the first week in December.


Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support.


Darrel and Jean Haworth






July 20, 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,


We are back in Brazil and enjoying our house in the cool July weather..


Our first stop was Campinas in Southern Brazil.  There we picked up our equipment for TVGN.net, our web TV, and shipped it to Juazeiro do Norte where we will again try to set up a web TV.  Please pray for this project and for Juliana, a woman in Campinas, who prayed with us to accept Christ.


Our desire was to fly to Juazeiro, but tickets were so expensive that we went to Fortaleza instead.  It was obviously the Lord's direction because, upon arriving in Iguape, we learned that the little house next door to the church was being negociated for sale with a neighbor who wanted the space to park his cars.  You may remember that we tried to buy it last year but it was pulled off the market.


The house was purchased and my associate pastor asked me where the money was coming from.  “I don’t know, but I’ll tell you later.”  I checked my financial statement from Baptist Mid-Missions, and there was a generous undesignated gift from the sale of donated stocks.  (You can donate stocks instead of cash) that was one-half of it.  Calling Juazeiro, my secretary told me there was a man wanting to pay cash and haul away a 1951 Mercedes Benz Diesel car that I had purchased twenty years ago, in pieces, with the idea of restoring it.  There was the rest of it.  We now need $5,000.00 to tear the house down, build a patio and put up a fence in front.  If you would like to help, send your gifts to Baptist Mid-Missions, marked for "Haworth Construction Account."




In Juazeiro our congregation was missing us.  Francelino, our student pastor, was working hard but struggling after four months by himself.


"Darrel's Christians" are coming back...those who come when he is here and leave when he is not. 


Pray for Francelino, our Seminary student, as he learns to lead.  He has one semester before his graduation.


Thank you for your faithful part in this ministry,


Darrel & Jean


June 20, 2008

Dear Praying Friends,

We are going home…back to Brazil.  We leave June 25th.  This trip has been great as we have renewed acquaintances, welcomed a new Grandson into the family and seen the Lord supply our needs.


People were so nice in opening their homes to us.  What is it like sleeping in a different bed every couple of nights?  First of all the beds are much better than 40 yers ago when we started, but now it’s a problem of age.  When necessity wakes me up in the middle of the night, I lie there in the dark and ask myself, “Where am I?”  If I don’t know, I start with Sunday and go through the events of each day until I locate myself geographically.  Then I ask myself, “Where is the bathroom?”  Only when I know do I get out of bed.  This is all because one night I hurriedly awoke in the dark and could not find the right door.  As my need was becoming desperate I realized that I had myself in the wrong house.


News from Brazil is that they are anxious for us to get back.  We have many goals and projects to complete but the desire on our heart is to reach the professional people that we have witnessed to in the past.  They are open and some are hungry to study God’s word.  Pray for us.


In April we wrote about our maid’s brother being killed.  He was a twin and since then his twin brother has accepted Christ as Savior and returned to school.  His older brother, a Believer, has taken him under his wing.


Our support estimate needs revision  because the dollar has lost over one half of its value.  This means that it now takes $2000.00 to buy what $1000.00 did a short time ago.  We are not in debt.  God has supplied but we cannot ignore this until our situation becomes critical.


Thank you for your vital part in our lives,


Darrel and Jean Haworth


January 27, 2008

Dear Praying Friends,

In our December update, we asked you to pray for our children’s camp in January. We needed it. Some of the boys we let come were above our age limit (14 instead of 12) and they gave us a lot of trouble. Our new inexperienced directors had their hands full.

However, the girls were much easier and we now had some experience. It was worth it as 9 boys and 5 girls accepted Christ as Savior. We were also able to cover 90% of the expenses from local donations.

New Year’s Eve we baptized 5; and said good-bye to Euzemarques and Jackeline, who having graduated from Bible College, were moving on to pastor a nearby rural church.

In Iguape we conducted a four day Bible Club with 30 plus children attending every day. Many of their parents came for the closing program.

At the moment we are preparing to leave Juazeiro on February 15th, for the USA, with stops in Iguape and São Paulo. We would like to visit our Califronia churches in March and April, but so far have only heard from half of them.

If you want to see us drop us an e-mail and we will try to include you in our schedule.

Thank you for your very important part.

Darrel & Jean


December 28, 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

The folks at Uniao Baptist Church in Juazeiro do Norte, celebrated Christmas on Sunday evening, December 23rd.

The children’s choir sang. It was the best children’s choir we have ever had.

Some have been learning to play piano and recorder. Now, others are wanting to join them.

Then they presented a play.

There was plenty of action in the front row, too.

 Several neighborhood children have been coming lately. The one without any clothes is a boy. The little girls are dressed. This used to be common, but now days we only see the poorest of the poor this way.

Jackeline had a class for the younger children while Darrel preached about the Greatest Christmas Gift of all.

Four boys from the neighborhood and a member’s father prayed to accept Christ.

New Year’s Eve will be a barbecue at our house. One of our friends told Darrel he is going to bring the Mayor.

Our fourth annual Children’s Camp will be January 7-12. Please pray with us that the Lord will bring the right children and that we will see many decisions for Christ. You can watch a short video of past years at camp, on the internet. http://.ecoar.4shared.com     It is best to download the video.  

We plan to be in California during March and April. If you would like for us to visit your church please contact us. We do not have time for all of our churches this trip, so please write soon.

We praise God for His blessings during 2007. Thank you for your very important part in this ministry.

Darrel & Jean


December 1, 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

Thanksgiving week was a great celebration for us.

November, 2005, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we finished the initial renovation of the beach house and invited everyone we had met to come to our house warming. After the service we had a reception and get acquainted time.

This year, exactly two years later, on the Saturday of Thanksgiving week, we baptized 5 adults bringing our membership to 41. Several curious friends and family members came; and one accepted the Lord. We also dedicated our renovated dance hall as the First Baptist Church of Iguape.

Sunday evening we dedicated our first babies…Rebeca and Velho’s twins – Sara and Saulo.

Three people accepted the Lord as Savior during the week.

In Juazeiro, our Children’s Club ended for the year, with a festival. The children spent their “denarios” that they had earned memorizing Bible verses, on food and trinkets. A borrowed cotton candy machine made a big hit.

We are now praying for Children’s Camp. Our goal is to get more Brazilian businessmen to organize and support the camp.

Violin classes started this semester at the Esperança School with Priscila as the teacher. She had ten students. Some of you donated violins for this project. Thank you.

Thank you for your very important part in each step forward.

Darrel & Jean

November 9, 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

It’s hot and dry these days and will stay this way until Christmas. When we started watering our lawn, our water bill went up to $450.00 a month. We quit watering and the bill went down to $350.00.

It was time to drill a well. We had put this off because of the cost. Our well will be 4 inches wide and 350 feet deep with a submersible pump. The cost will be $5000.00. This was an unexpected expense and still not paid for. If anyone would like to help, we would sure appreciate it.

Also in Juazeiro, at Uniao Baptist Church, a young mother and a boy, from another family, were saved in home Bible studies. We are preparing for a baptism on New Year’s Eve.

In Iguape, the congregation is growing and our building is almost completely remodeled. We are planning to have the next baptism and inauguration of the building on November 24th. There are five new believers preparing to be baptized.

A group of medical doctors from the USA spent a day at our church and gave medical assistance to the community. The people really appreciated it.

We plan to come to the States March 1st, to visit churches in Arizona and California, and to be present to welcome our next grandson. Lisa and Jonathan are expecting their first baby around the 15th of March. 

If you want us for a service or a missionary conference, let us know. We can also do a mini missionary conference by ourselves if you would like to get to know us a little better.

For the last few years we have been able to cover our trip to the States with other people’s air miles. 40,000 miles will buy one of our tickets. We cannot combine lesser amounts. It has to be from one person. However, we would be able to use lesser amounts for tickets within the States.

Thank you for your active participation in this ministry through your prayers and your gifts. We are convinced that the blessings we experience are the Lord’s answer to your prayers.

Darrel and Jean


October 2, 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

Today we are writing from Campinas, Sao Paulo. Darrel has been taking care of business related to the internet tv, and Jean is working on a study for the ladies in Juazeiro.

On Saturday, September 29, we attended the marriage of Roseni Roque and Bruce Welmerink. The wedding took place in Alphaville, Sao Paulo.

Last year we told you about Nirinha, the lady at the corner grocery store in Iguape, who prayed with Darrel to receive Christ. She would never come to church. She always had an excuse. In fact she put a large picture of the Virgin Mary over the cash register. Recently she started attending services and last Sunday she declared her faith in Christ before the church! What finally brought her to church were the invitations of friends in the congregation.

Latest news on the Teacher’s College is that we have selected a general director and a curriculum director. Several Brazilians and American missionaries have donated books. We currently have 1500 of the 4000 that we need. Remember that a donation of $25.00 will buy one book.

We have struck out twice in our effort to get a radio station. Now an offer to buy a concession for an educational FM frequency has appeared. The Foundation that we formed several years ago has met to discuss this offer. Please pray with us about this. A concession is the authorization or allocation of a frequency.


As a boy I used to sing with my mother. Here she is at 93 and still singing. She can see better than I do!



Darrel’s mother Elizabeth Haworth, brother-in-law and sister Robin and Karen Archer, and friends Bert and Lisa Borsberry arrived for a three week stay. The men fished in the Urubu River near Manaus, and off the coast of Iguape. All sang, and the ladies helped teach English in the Esperanca School in Juazeiro do Norte.

Thank you for your prayers in our behalf! You are a vital part of the ministry. We need you.  We count on you.

Darrel & Jean

September 4, 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

August was very busy, exciting and interesting. We have been praying for someone to come and help us with our English program.

Brittany Schipper from Modesto, California, came to help us because she had just finished high school and is seriously considering missions.

Brittany visited our missionaries in Manaus and joined us in Iguape. She blessed us singing “Amazing Grace” in English. Our church had her sing it three times.

Brittany with Iguape Youth

At the Recanto de Esperança School, in Juazeiro do Norte, she gave a week long English seminar to our children ages 3 years through 4th grade. Then she helped teach music, gave swimming lessons and a gymnastics demonstration. To top it off, she played piano for special music and also attended classes at our Bible School.


Our teacher’s college project is at a crossroad. The institution that we wanted to be responsible (owner) has said, “No.” We waited five months for this decision. Please pray for the Lord’s direction as we have used up valuable time. Thank you for the offerings to buy books for our library.

In Juazeiro, Uniao Baptist Church had a Saturday and Sunday youth rally. Saturday evening they had 140 present, with youth from other churches (the biggest crowd our church has ever had) There was one decision for Christ. We are using these meetings to kick off our young people’s work which had disintegrated in our church split last January.

Please remember to pray. You have a very important part in the work here in Brazil.  

God bless you,

Darrel & Jean

July 31, 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

Sunday was a celebration for these ten people who live near Uniao Baptist Church in Juazeiro. They received their diplomas for learning to read in the literacy program we offered.

Cicera, the first on the left, came to receive the diploma earned by her deceased brother. Damião lived a marginal life style and was knifed to death by his “friends.” Cicera has done a Bible study with a couple from the church. She has made her decision and comes to church until friends and family apply so much pressure that she stops coming. After a few weeks she returns. She wants to participate. Please pray for her and her little ones.

The literacy classes are no longer offered in our neighborhood. We have learned of a program developed by a Brazilian pastor that uses the Bible to teach reading. You can read about it on the internet: http://alfabetizacaopelabiblia.com.br/default.asp   

There is information in English, if you click on the American flag. We are praying about being able to use it for our reading program. It costs about $36.00 a student for the material, which includes a nice Bible. The teacher’s kit is about $55.00. The teacher can do the training on the internet, one night a week. If you would like to sponsor a teacher, or one or more students please let us know.

Darrel’s eye surgery and recovery have gone well. The doctor was very pleased and so is Darrel! He can see much better. Thank you for praying.

July 22nd was the seventh annual Jungada Race in Iguape. After Sunday School we sat on the dune under a jungada sail and watched the three races. School children had painted the sails and it was a colorful sight.

The medium sized boats had the most exciting race. Three jungadas struggled for first place. The winner passed the leader in the last lap!

Pray for: The needy people in our Juazeiro neighborhood…João Cabral. They need a change in their lifestyle that only Christ can bring about.

Darrel & Jean .

June 18, 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

Jean celebrated her 70th birthday on June 4th. It was a several day event with three celebrations, five delicious cakes, one pie, chocolate chip cookies, lots of love expressed and a new iPod.


The best was having our daughter Joy, her husband Dirk and their two sons, Luke and Caleb, with us to celebrate!



Darrel, Joy, Jean & Caleb

Darrel had a cataract removed in his right eye. The improvement was dramatic. In the post op exam the doctor discovered that the membrane on the retina that had caused previous distortion, is growing again. He is scheduled for an operation July 14th, to  remove it. His eyes are much better so please keep praying.

Socorro, a member at Union Baptist Church, tells us that the people who live in front of the church are afraid of us. They say that we carry big Bibles under our arms and can cast powerful spells on them if we wish. But prejudices are breaking down.

Taysa & Jackeline organized the program.

The Mother's Day programs (two) attracted over 50 mothers who would never come to anything. After years of sending their kids to camp and children's club they are beginning to trust us. They came to see their children perform and to get a little gift. But they stayed and listened to the whole program.

The new neighborhood Bible study continues. There were 13 out last Tuesday evening and all seemed to enjoy reading and discussing Noah and the Flood. Two of the couples had participated in our Bible study twenty years ago. Most show a sincere hunger for the Word. Please pray for their salvation.

Thank you for your part in our being here!

Darrel & Jean

May 9, 2007

Dear Praying Friends,

It has been awhile since you heard from us but everything is going fine and the Lord is blessing.

Zé Sozinho contacted Darrel 10 years ago for 16 mm films. He traveled from town to town carrying a 16 mm projector and showing films, charging admission. It was becoming dificult to obtain films as video was coming in.

Darrel gave him a Source of Light Bible course. The Bible study along with his past exposure to the gospel while showing films for our early missionaries brought him to Christ.

He enjoys using films to evangelize. A TV network has done a documentary on him and they gave him a video projector, sound system and screen. So now he goes into a small town and shows secular videos for two nights and a free evangelistic film on the third night.

We took him to Iguape and showed our films in different parts of town. Three people came to church as a result. Pray for Zé Sozinho as he develops this ministry.

Darrel had the joy of baptizing a young couple, Jane and Samuel, at União Baptist Church. There are three more who want to do the preparatory classes to be baptized.

Jane and Samuel 

Last night we began a weekly Bible study in the elite neighborhood of Juazeiro. Some of you will remember that we did this 20 years ago. Several have said they missed the Bible studies and we should do it again. There were three couples from the past and six new people. 

One man, a long time friend, has some very strange ideas, and loves to expound on them. Please pray with us for Dr. Everardo. He needs Christ.

Dr. Everardo with his family

Tomorrow we are driving to Iguape. Friday, May 11, Darrel will have cataract surgery on his right eye.

Thank you for your prayers,

Darrel & Jean


March 17, 2007  

We just said good-bye to our son, his wife Lisa, her parents Jim and Pat Bartlett, her brother Rob and his wife Anne. We all had an exciting few days on the beach in Iguape. They were able to visit the Congregation and meet some of the believers.

February 10th was the second baptism in Iguape. It was a joyous celebration as nine people gave testimony to their faith in Jesus Christ.

Our fourth annual Carnaval Retreat at Esperanca Baptist Church in Juazeiro, was a seminar on how to evangelize…with activities geared to the whole family. Even the children participated as our colleague, John Peterson, taught object lessons with magic rope tricks.

We did paintings presenting the gospel and had a class on how to use puppets. Each of these methods was followed up with an afternoon practice time and presentations in the evening.

In the practicing of one on one presentations of the gospel, an invited visitor accepted Christ!

I did not feel like having a street meeting. My student pastor had scheduled it and told me I was to preach. I prayed, “Lord, make this a blessing because I sure don’t want to go.”

Our street meeting was in front of one of the believer’s houses and the people who attended were from his family and the neighbors – parents of one of our young people for whom we had been praying for over a year.

I can’t even remember what I preached on. What I can remember is that when I gave the invitation, four hands immediately went up…no hesitation. One was Junior’s grandmother. Two were his parents. And the fourth one was Dalila’s grandmother. Most of you know the story of our Dalila, whose life was like the Delilah in the Bible until she accepted Christ.

The blessing that God gave was a big one! It came shortly after our church split and assured us that the Lord is working through our trials. Satan must have been very frustrated.

If you’d like to visit, we are asking the Lord for somebody to come and help, to sing and talk in English with the pre-school and primary children of our school at Esperanca Baptist Church, in Juazeiro. You could come for a short time or a long time. There would be time to visit the church in Igaupe, too.

Thank you for your prayers for Uniao Baptist Church. The spirit is good.

Darrel & Jean

February 7, 2007

Dear Praying Partners,

January was a good news/bad news month.

The bad news? Our Union Baptist Church split. It was the first church split of our career. The leading members did not want to adjust to the change in leadership that came with Samuel's leaving. He graduated from Bible College and assumed a congregation in another state.

The good news is that we just finished our free children's camp for 9 - 12 year olds. This was our fourth and best year. 98 boys and 98 girls came from mostly poor families.

40 wanted to accept Christ as Savior. We received many donations of food and several Christian business men want to participate in sponsoring the next camp.

Donated books and monies to buy books for our teacher's college are arriving. We are ready to finish our building to house the library and administrative offices. Thank you for your donations. If you would like to send books, send them to: Darrel Haworth, Rua Jose Geraldo da Cruz, 80 - Juazeiro do Norte, CE - 63041-500 - Brazil.

If you would like to send an offering, send it to Baptist Mid-Missions, PO Box 308011, Cleveland, OH 44130-8011. On a separate piece of paper write: For the ministry of Darrel Haworth - Teacher's College Library fund. Do not write this on the check.

February promises to be an exciting month with a baptism in Iguape, and our Carnaval Retreat in Juazeiro.

Thank you for your interest, offerings and prayers.

Darrel & Jean


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